Friend St Kindergarten is a place where adults and children work and play together to create an environment of friendship, trust, growth and individuality.  Our philosophy reflects the National Law and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Educators at Friend St Kindergarten believe that

Every child is unique

Play is the key to children’s learning

Warm and trusting relationships enable meaningful learning

Engaging with families enhances learning


Friend St Kindergarten families want their children to be

Happy, Kind, Considerate, Honest, Generous, Confident, Independent

Therefore we:

Promote each child’s confidence and self-image

Build on children’s understandings, values and sensitivities

Acknowledge the learning they bring from home

Facilitate healthy connections between children

Value family involvement

Commit to the rights of all children to feel safe, and be safe at all times


AND Friend St Kindergarten families want their children to be

Creative, Engaged, Inquisitive, Open-minded, Connected to community and environment

Therefore we:

Implement a child centred, play based program

Provide a flexible program that provides for different learning styles

Encourage each child to reach their full potential

Encourage children to respond to and create learning environments

Develop awareness, respect and responsibility for surroundings

Introduce children to a wide range of experiences

Use indoor and outdoor environments to support and promote learning and growth

Reinforce the importance of culture and heritage