Educational Leader / Teacher of Blue Group – Jane Bliss

Jane is an ex-student of Friend Street Kindergarten.  She trained as a primary teacher, qualifying with a Bachelor of Education.  She spent nearly 10 years teaching in the primary sector before leaving to have a family.  Jane then retrained as an early childhood educator and has been teaching at Friend Street Kindergarten since 1998.  She currently teaches the four year old group as well as undertaking the educational leader role in the service.  She is an active member of the Whitehorse Teacher’s Group and takes part in professional development sessions arranged by various associations each year. 

“Jane” by Sophie aged 4

Early Childhood Teacher of Red Group – Ellen Pedley

Ellen Pedley is the teacher of the three year old group. She has worked in a variety of preschool settings and has experience in early intervention. Ellen enjoys challenging children with science, nature and art.

“Ellen” by Samantha aged 4

Early Childhood Educator (Red Group) – Liz Tzaikou

Liz has been working with children and families at Friend Street Kindergarten for over 20 years.  She completed a Certificate III in Child Care and is devoted to the well-being and education of the children at Friend Street Kindergarten.  Liz assists with the three year old group.  She also takes part in various professional development days during the year.

“Liz” by Sophie aged 4

Early Childhood Educator (Blue Group) – Anna Toth

Anna has been a member of the Friend Street Community since her son attended in 1999 – 2000. She has worked at the kindergarten as an additional assistant with many special needs children and also as a relief assistant. She is a trained nurse and has completed the Certificate III in Child Care Studies. She assists with the four year old group.

“Anna” by Daniel aged 4


Staff at Friend Street Kindergarten have current First Aid training (Level II) including CPR, EpiPen administration and asthma management.

Educators are supported by the Committee of Management to attend professional development sessions during the year.